Where in the World Area is Becca Steinhoff

With all the technology in the world at my disposal, this barebones website is how I would like to let you know about upcoming shows. The list is growing all the time, but this is everything I have on my calender as of this moment. please keep in mind when looking at these dates that I am only posting pre-booked shows. There are many nights that I go to open mics that I don’t post because it’s not set in stone or for other various reasons. If there is a night you have the time, energy, and desire to come to a comedy show to see me perform, email me at resteinhoff@gmail.com and I will tell you promptly where I will be that evening.


12/16/14 Washington, DC The Howard Theatre VIA Funny N Stiletto’s – 8PM

(tickets available ticketmaster.com or thehowardtheatre.com. You can also contact me and I can get them for you)

These dates are subject to change.


3 Responses to “Where in the World Area is Becca Steinhoff”

  1. Lorri Bura Says:

    Great picture of you. I’m glad to see so many dates for shows.

  2. becca!

  3. When will you come back to Ralph’s Chicken Bazaar for the Free Beak Night Comedy Cabana?

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