headshot, taken at the DC Arts Center


If you mix a New Jersey dryness with a Southern Appalachian sensibility and add a touch of Jewish guilt, you get the humor that is Becca Steinhoff. Her warm sarcasm and quick wit shows through in her easily annoyed yet bouyant perspective on everyday human interaction. Becca’s ease and appeal has been showcased at events including the Asheville Comedy Festival, clubs such as the DC Improv, and venues such as the historic Howard Theatre and the Orange Peel.

on my game at a Slice of Life show at the Pulp

I am a comedian and writer originally based out of Asheville, NC. I spent a few years doing comedy in Washington DC where I opened for comics including David Alan Grier,  Josh Blue, Alonzo Bodden, and Fortune Feimster. Then I spent a few years in NYC opening for 60 other comics before me at classic names pulled out of a bucket mic. Now I’m back in Asheville with 10 years of comedy experience under my belt. Most recently I opened for Janeane Garofalo at the Orange Peel in June of 2019.

“omg she’s so tiny.” I know, but look I’m standing next to her!

If you would like to see a show, there will be plenty of opportunities because I plan on getting onstage for the rest of my life, so there’s no rush. I post my shows online on FB and twitter so stay tuned.

Memoirs & Mantras

I wrote a book in 2014 called Memoirs & Mantras. It sat in my documents unedited for years, piling up dust and shame for unfinished work. At long last, I am moving past my shame and perfectionism to edit this book and post pieces up on this website to be read and enjoyed. I hope you can find a memoir or a mantra you resonate with.

photo credit Tim Miller

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