Restaurants: Wars That Cannot Be Won

In a busy rush, working in a restaurant can feel like a struggle akin to that of hand to hand combat. I remember admiring a coworker who seemingly had her cool even in the busiest moments. She drops (serves) some drinks for her duece (party of two) at the bar, rings in a ticket with one hand, pours my service ticket with her other , all without taking her eyes off the screen. She sends her order as the phone rings. She picks it up, and takes a to-go order in 10 seconds flat (a new record). She feels my piercing newbie gaze on her, and takes another precious 10 seconds to get right in my face. “It’s a war out there kid. and it’s us, or them,” she says. In the hustle and bustle, and with a similar pacing, I say “Yeah! and I think we’re winning!” Another bar patron pipes up to ask, nay demand for more water. As she picks up a water pitcher and throws down another service ticket, she looks back and utters under her breath, “I don’t know if we’re winning, but we have to KEEP fighting.” I drop my drink to my table, and when I look back, all water glasses are full, and she is taking another to-go order with one hand while her other is balled in a fist.


One Response to “Restaurants: Wars That Cannot Be Won”

  1. Lorri Bura Says:

    I never thought of it that way before.

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